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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Long Live Mice In The Metro

Cecile Schott is a Paris based musician who records as Colleen and released her debut album Everybody Alive Wants Answers back in 2003 on the Leaf label. An English teacher in a secondary school in the suburbs of Paris, she began recording as Colleen in 2001 after being smitten by acquaintances deftly incorporating samples into their own music. Surprised by how easy it was to manipulate samples using the music software program, Acid,she began to cut and paste and explore her own sonic fascinations.

Long Live Mice In The Metro, like all the tracks featured on the album, is made entirely of samples, many found in the libraries of Paris or friends record collections. She’s fond of filters and sound processors that add dust and grit to the sound. Sampled fragments are looped, slowed down, smudged, isolated, run backwards and dipped into contrasting pools of reverberation. Bewitching and phantasmal, it conjures up moonless October nights and ghost shadows rippling across bedroom walls.

Colleen: Long Live Mice In The Metro (MP3) (Buy "Everybody Alive Wants Answers")


At 12:25 PM, Blogger andy said...

nice one.

you wait all month and then two come along at once..........




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