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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Le Grand Dome

Geir Jenssen began his career in the late 80’s as a member of the moody Norwegian synth trio, Bel Canto, before moving on in 1990 to record the album The North Pole By Submarine as Bleep. He then recorded a few fantastic albums at R & S Records in the early to mid-90’s as Biosphere, helping to launch their ambient focused Apollo label. He currently continues to refine his glacial sound at Touch records.

Le Grand Dome is from his Circue album. Plush, cotton swabbed ambience (thread counts of over 700!) rides on a bed of gently undulating rhythms and a deep, rolling bass. There’s a disembodied voice (speaking French, I presume?) that appears from time to time to echo and pan from speaker to speaker. When the whisky polyrhythms are dropped it becomes surprisingly funky. Ah. yes- Norwegian ambient funk! It’s a little known fact that Geir has his own Arctic compound and recently married 27 women wearing nothing but a pair of moon boots

Biosphere: Le Grand Dome (MP3) (Buy "Cirque")


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