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Monday, January 10, 2005

Some Nyatiti

Whoops. Here we thought we were so cool, but then almost a month passes between posts. I think all that noise in the comments was kind of a drag, and of course, there were the holidays. Anyway, excuses, excuses.

The nyatiti is an East African harp. In these two tracks, it is played at breakneck speed -- nothing like the common style of its West African cousin, the kora.

The first track is by Ayub Ogada, who has a beautiful voice, but you'll have to find his album to hear it, as this one is purely solo. Unfortunately, he seems to have released only this one album on Peter Gabriel's Real World label

The second is an anonymous solo nyatiti player from the Original Music compilation Before Benga, Vol. 1: Kenya Dry. I had thought Ogada's track remarkable (and it is), but when I came across this version, I flipped.

Ayub Ogada: Thum Nyatiti (MP3) (buy "En Mana Kuoyo")
Anonymous: Thum Nyatiti Solo (MP3) (Join the 2 others waiting to buy "Before Benga, Vol. 1" used)


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Thank you for this! I'm a huge Ayub Ogada fan, but I only know one track -- it's on a Realworld compilation disc, and it's my favorite thing on the disc, but I'd never found anything else by him anywhere. Hooray.


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