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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Crickets Sing

The title track from Marcos Valle’s masterful 1971 release, Garra. I’ve yet to dip into his more recent releases on the UK label, Far Out, but this album (my copy is a shoddy vinyl to CD bootleg that Dusty Groove made available for a while- full of vinyl pop, crackle and snap and occasional bouts of level fickleness) has long been a breezy favorite. It’s unabashedly poppy, lush with all sorts of easy listening flutes, splashes of organ, strumming guitars, strings, twinkling pianos, and breathtaking arrangements made seemingly effortless. Every song is a gem but Garra, practically bursting at the seams with too-muchness, seems particularly well suited to introduce the albums many charms.

Marcos Valle:Garra (mp3)
Buy it here for the low price of $49.99


At 8:27 PM, Blogger SouthBR said...

On my blog you will find a link to this album on a CD version.


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